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Preset Reasons

Save your moderators’ time by storing preset reasons to use when making redundant moderation actions.


Preset reasons allow moderators to save time when issuing punishments by using preset flags for reasons that are repeatedly used (like canned responses for moderators!)


Configuring preset reasons for your server is simple. Please keep in mind that you must have the Administrator permission or be a Moderation Manager to configure preset reasons.

Managing Presets

To set a new preset reason, do /mod presetreason [preset name] (reason), to remove a preset reason, do /mod presetreason [preset name] without a reason.

Once added, all moderators in your server will now be able to use the preset reason you have configured by simply typing -reasonhere as their reason.

Viewing/Listing Presets

To list all of the available preset reasons, use the /presetreasons command, to see a specific reason, do /presetreasons -reasonhere.

Using Presets

To use a preset reason in a moderation command, simply put -reasonhere as your reason at the end of the moderation command, and Beemo will automatically action the user with that reason. You can also use the /edit (case id) -presetreasonhere to apply a preset reason to an existing case.