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Honey is a consumable credits system that allows for users to purchase roles.

About Honey

Honey allows for servers to reward activity with credits they can later trade in for role-rewards. These credits, namely “Honey,” are earned at the same rate as XP; This means that users can spend their Honey without affecting their XP level. There are many applications that could be done with this system - for example, servers could allow for active users to claim exclusive colour roles.


Command Example Usage
honey [enable/disable] /honey disable Enables or disables the honey system.
honey shop role [role mention/id] [cost in honey] (optional description) /honey shop role 12345678 23 Purchase this honeycomb! Sets or removes the specified role as a honey shop role for purchase via the /honey shop command. Important: Please note that the role must be either an ID or a mention.
honey reset [user mention/role name/id] /honey reset @Ayu /honey reset all /honey reset @Admin Resets the specified user’s honey on the server. Replace user with all to reset the server’s Honey. Specify a role to reset all users with a role.
honey set [user mention/id] [new amount] /honey set @Ayu 69 Sets the specified user’s honey to the new honey amount.